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Jane Lake and Israel!

I know I won't be too popular with this opinion but I oppose violence and Israel has been and is all about violence.

They believe in revenge and at a much higher price than what was paid to them. My fear is that they will drag the US into a conflict that the US has no part being involved with and then being put in the awkward position of defending Israel, our ally.

The Middle East is a fragile powder keg and if the big guys like us don't step in and stop the nonsense, peacefully, then let the escalation begin.

My solution:

Make Jerusalem and maybe Bethlehem cities that no one can actually live in. They can only be visited for religious and educational purposes. That should diffuse the continual battle of who deserves to be there. They should be maintained by a world organization, just like a national park would be in the US.

Sometimes the only way everyone wins is if no one wins!

No one allowed to live in Jerusalem, huh? You're talking about the city I live in. I, and 700 thousand other people, Jews and Muslims, would rather not move. I'm sure the same goes for Bethlehem. As for revenge, I really couldn't care less. All I care about is making it clear that it is unprofitable to use violence to make political gains. I suppose that may seems like revenge to some people, but what can I do?

You said “My fear is that they will drag the US into a conflict that the US has no part being involved with and then being put in the awkward position of defending Israel, our ally.”

What do you thing the Iraq war is all about?


Moving is stressful, but not as stressful as WW3.


We dragged ourselves into Iraq. No one asked us for help.

I'm not sure that Jerusalem is really the issue here. Fundamentally, it's probably a land and water issue. Jerusalem is only important in so far as shoring up waning domestic support (on both sides) is concerned.

Also, making Jerusalem an open city under neutral jurisdiction (maybe the Swiss) would probably be better than depopulating it. Or they could split the city, block by block, but that would be a nightmare to enforce.

Dear jane,

I can't beleive I am going to say this but I agree in principle with Israel. but I have to disagree with your wording "they believe in revenge"

You probably want to lay off the generalities of a country and people you have no real knowledge of. That is country that is surrounded on all sides by enemies. They have fought for their right to exist since the inception of their country. I am not saying I agree with their tactics, but until you live in their shoes NO ONE has a right to judge, least of all us Americans.

I don't pretend to know what it's like to continuously live in fear of terrorism. i live in a comparatively safe country(US).

I totally agree that the middle East is a powder keg waiting to happen, but someone is going to have to step in and somehow keep it from being a full blown war. And who is the world going to look at, the United States.

Long-winded Anon

Your nor very bright, are you. Must have gone to one of those gov't schools. I checked you out once, but no more. Very unintelligent blog.

"Israel has been and is all about violence."

Very true. However, they are not the only ones involved in this atrocious situation at whom one may level this accusation.

America supports them because they pay for more than 2 billion dollars per year in Arms contracts. We actually stipulated their purchase of these weapons with the Peace Treaty between them and Egypt in the late 60's. So they became our little caucasian battalion in the Middle East, just in case we need a strategic location by which we could hoard the resources of other countries, e.g. Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt...

As for their violence... it's justified only to the point that they never strike First. Second, they should have never consecrated a country on someone else's country back in 1948(49?). The entire Occidental world shit on the Palestinians and fucked them out of their home. In that sense, there is not an Israeli that deserves a country there. Surely, they could have integrated their Zionist culture into Palestinian culture? It didn't have to be as ignorant as the Occidental destruction of Native Americans. And maybe that disgusting piece of American history is the reason America supports Israel.

America has something coming that is a lot worse than Israel's current karmic repercussions. We sell WMD's to every nation that wants one... except Iran... (we actually sold them weapons through Israel during the Iran-Contra Affair) and North Korea (we actually lied to the world and claimed that they sold nuclear material to Libya, when we actually gave it to Pakistan, then Pakistan sold it to Libya: Click Here)

And guess what! All the crooked douchebags that masterminded these arms transactions were::: REPUBLICANS! That's why we love them...

Jane, are you kidding me?? Make Jerusalem and Bethlehem cities that no one can live in? Where do you come up with this bullshit? How would you feel if someone stated that about the city that you currently live in? Jerusalem has every right to exist as any other city in this world. Lets face are making generalzations which are probably fueled by the media and not based on fact.

Jane, I'm jewish and no, we are not all about revenge and violence. If people day in and day out yelled about killing you or I, you'd be nervous and hit back if hit. It's much more complicated than what you're stating.

And Geno, there's a lot more to why the Jews were given a homeland than having a "caucasian" battalion in the middle east. There are Jews of all races and colors by the way. I'm not Caucasian, nor are Jews throughout South America or Ethiopian Jews or Yemenite Jews. And while I would love the Palestinian and Jewish cultures to coexist peacefully, the Nazi's supported Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini who called for every Jew to be killed before the idea of Israel was even a glimmer in the UN's eye.

Bottom line, these guys aren't nice so of course Israel will hit back. Or would you rather all of us Jews disappear?

You are not only stupid, but uninformed and ignorant of ANYTHING that is going on in Israel. I suggest you take your hatred of Jews and apply it to learning about what is REALLY happening there. Read the Israeli blogs and press. Don't rely on Reuters, which is a very bigoted and prejudiced news source. Read the people that Live in Israel, and maybe you'll get a clue.

I hate stupid people. You're high on the list.

I want to be very clear that I am NOT anti-Jewish. My comments were merely to try to step back from the situation and ask the question, "Is there any other type of solution?" I understand the predicament that Israel is in, but you don't have to be a genius to know that explosive situations may someday explode.

That's fine but when you open up your post by saying Israel has been and always is about violence and revenge......people are going to get the wrong idea and think that you might be.

Y'know, when Hizbollah or Hamas kills, wounds, or kidnaps an Israeli, there's rejoicing, parades, candy distributed in the streets. When they discover that they've killed an Arab by mistake, there's an apology "we thought he was a Jew" (French Hill area of Jerusalem, 2003).
Israelis don't dance in the streets, fire weapons into the air in celebration, or make mock-ups of exploded pizzerias replete with body parts.
I think you should find out about a situation before you comment on it. I invite you to visit Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Israel, and Palestinian areas, and see for yourself.



I have been to Israel. I completely understand the situation, and all of the implications. Nonetheless, violence, whether sensationalized and celebrated or not, is an evil end to ones objectives. Temporary patches and hollow peace treaties are only delaying the inevitable disaster. Thinking outside the box here is the only way to resolve an intenable situation.

I never lived or visited there but they have given, given, given for 58 years now and are still at war. Every time they give they get attacked again. The only hope for peace is to find and kill every Hamas terrorist possible and jail their kids for life. Then peace may be possible for a few years. When kids are no longer taught to hate peace will be possible, before that peace is impossible.

Hey Jane,

Funny stuff. You're my hero!

Love and kisses,

Mel Gibson

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