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Jane Lake and the Obligatory Independence Day Post

What are we celebrating again? A war that killed innocent lives? $1.8b that will be spent on barbecues and fireworks that could be spent on poverty? The children that will be killed by backyard fireworks?

I am a patriot and I love my country, but like people, our country has made mistakes, and waste is a daily mantra for Americans.

We are lucky to be here and have what we have, but we have earned the responsibility to make amends and move in a more positive direction. We should not use the past as an excuse for the future.

I agree. To celebrate the 4th my church did a letter writing campaign to senators and congresspeople about the ONE Campaign. What is more patriotic than getting involved in government to bring about positive change in the world? I would recommend this same practice to anyone.

Thanks for the tip. ONE looks good.

How silly. We are celebrating the independence of the nation. Unlike most traditions, this one has endured as it was originally intended and in the way it was started. Fireworks have been used to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence since its first anniversary, one year afterwards in 1777.

Celebration is not waste, waste is waste. If we are all supposed to give our possessions away, society would not exist.

The past is being used here not as an excuse, but as a reminder of the reason this country is here, and possibly an ideal of what it should be living up to, instead of what it has been doing recently.

Your blog is super hard on the eyes. I like it and all, but please, make it a little easier to read.

Don'r ever let the facts get in the
way of your Blogs

Anonymous, she doesn't. That's her problem.

So what are you suggesting? We take our hot dog money and fireworks money and give it to the homeless to buy drugs?

Jan: Maybe if you are talking about antidepressants.

do you even understand the history of this country??? you really need to think about things before you write them down.

Guys/Gals, don't waste your time. If you scroll down and look at some of her first posts, all she did was talk about getting on some game show and stupid celebrities and no one cared. Suddenly she starts talking right to life and politics and everyone's putting in their two cents. She's just whoring for comments.

Think back to why we wanted our independence in the first place. The gov't at the time (britan) was taxing the shit out of everything. Now we have our independence and our gov't is doing the same shit we revolted against.

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