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Jane Lake and Joe Lieberman!

YOU LOST! Take it like a man and start doing the talk show circuit and speaking engagements. This goes to show my point. One minute you are a Democratic and the next minute you transform your ideology because you lose. It's a sham and if you run in November, you waste people's money and time, and will most probably lose again.

Sometimes you are just on a losing streak, and I think its time for you to see the pattern. I don't intend to be mean here or spiteful, (in fact I would rather a Republican wins in November) but it is getting ridiculous how every election is getting more and more contentious, and the losers can't just walk away. They have to go through every hoop possible to try and reinvent our political system.

If you don't watch out, the Janelakian Party will run against you!

Ofcoarse you’d like republicans to win in November. I guess you really do care about more then abortion.

“1) Pro-life (anti-abortion), overturn Roe V Wade.
2) Anti death penalty
3) Pro gun control
4) Pro-peace (anti-war)” – Jane Lake Monday August 07, 2006

If you cared for any of your other issues you’d vote republican oh never. I mean why bother illegalizing abortion? Aren’t those people already going to hell in your opinion? Isn’t the point of god’s rules to give people an option to do the right, or the wrong thing. Why take their options away? “Good people” would never have an abortion anyway. Is it that tempting for you? You need it illegal otherwise you just can’t help yourself for wanting to do it?

Now, think about this will an abortion probation work any more then any other prohibition, for instance the prohibition of alcohol. As I’ve said on your site before, if they illegalize abortion, abortion will still happen for anyone with the economic means to get to mexico so therefore you wont really stop abortion, only stop the very poor from getting them, or insurance from covering the procedures. So again unless you plan on making a trip to mexico illegal you wont really change anything.

Have a great day


Abortion affects the most lives of all issues and yes, it becomes a one issue decision for me. That is why I would like a party that shares my other views as well.

Making abortion illegal will reduce the numbers. That is a fact born out by the dramatic rise in abortions when it was legalized. It also sends the correct message that it is wrong. It is extremely difficult when something is legal to say it is wrong as history has proven. Many people develop their own moral compass by the laws that are set for them.

Chipping away at abortion is a long term project and will someday make abortion be a rare exception rather than the rule.

You are a pessimist Pat and as such it appears you tend to only look at short term results.

I'm pro gun control too. That means hitting what you aim at.

I don't think Lieberman has changed his ideology at all. Seems to me he's been very consistant.


Thanks. I know what my post will be about tomorrow.

Lieberman is changing his opinions, and he is trying to get elected- I think that he belongs to a class of 'career politicians'. His behavior, seemingly fits in line with those people who run for office not to help a cause, or bring an issue to light, but to enjoy the status, the paycheck at the end of the day. And I think that this sort of politician is less and less of what America needs.

found this/your link posted on SD craigslist personals (str pla). enjoying the blog!

I agree with Dawn--Lieberman isn't changing his position. He didn't really fit in with the Democratic party. I do think it makes him sound like a sore loser for moving to Independent.

I think this also shows how flimsy the idea of party affiliation is. You need to stand for what you believe regardless of label. Personal belief and politics is too fluid to be strictly divided by party titles.

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