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Jane Lake and My Mom

My mom unfortunately is no longer here with me on Earth, but her spirit surely lives on.

Two memories stick out for me.

There was once a traveling carnival across the street from our house one fall and my mother and I walked over. They had one of those games that you shoot the water into a clown's mouth and blow up a balloon until it breaks. The first one to break the balloon wins. We spent hours together playing and winning cheap stuffed animals and trading up. My mother was a kid again, and it was beautiful to watch.

My mother's other passion was bingo. I have many a fond memory sitting in a smoke-filled room with a ridiculous number of bingo cards in front of us and winning the cover all for $500. My mother would wrap the winnings in tinfoil and put it in our freezer for a rainy day. It was her secret stash.

Memories like these keep my mother alive inside me, and I wouldn't be surprised if I start wrapping money in tinfoil soon also!

Sorry to hear about your mother. It is hard when a parent passes away, I lost my father almost a year ago.

Ah, lost my Mom not long ago. Still seems surreal but the memories are def. there!

Nice post Jane!

the tinfoil idea is rather brilliant!
what great memories.

I love reading about other people's fond memories of their mothers, as it always brings to mind great memories for me with my own mother. Sometimes I end up being temporarily saddened, but the feeling always leaves me feeling warm and close to her.

Thank you for sharing.


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