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Jane Lake and Nancy Grace!

People like to hear themselves talk. Nothing new here, but watching TV shows like Nancy Grace, you have to wonder what are we coming to. The other night Amy Smart put Nancy in her place for asking sensitive questions that drudged up memories Amy didn't want drudged up. It was a Kodak moment watching Nancy stumble through a forced apology. "Good" reporting on shows like this has been reduced to asking inappropriate questions to bereaved people to illicit a reaction.

Nancy was a lawyer and therefore qualifies as an "expert" in every criminal case know to man. She has a loud voice which is used frequently to overshadow her guest "experts". Entertainment has taken on a sick slant that should be scrutinized by a discerning viewer. I hope shows like these are a passing fad and we will tire of watching and washing dirty laundry in public.

You don't see the similarities here, do you?


I guess you do remind me a little of Nancy Grace. I would have to see her in funny nose and glasses to know for sure.

Oh, Jane, you're so (not) witty! But I see Girl's point. If you'll go back through your old posts, you'll see that you're guilty of exactly what you accuse Nancy Grace of. I'm also betting real money that you won't post this comment as it's not flattering to you and you can't stand criticism. It's sad really. You had the opportunity to answer her in a mature manner and instead you opted for a childish, junior high-like response. So very much unlike the Ivy League graduate you claim to be. Is this what expensive colleges are churning out these days? I feel sorry for the future of our country if that's true. But to tell the truth, the more I read your blog, the more I realize that it smells like Penelope in here. Or would you prefer Dr. Life?

I checked the enrollment for all 8 of the Ivy League schools for the last 5 years (seeing as you are 23 I assume you didn't graduate before you were 18) and I find no records of a Jane Lake for any of the schools.


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