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Jane Lake and Friendship!

I rank my friends as follows:

1) Acquaintance - someone who you wouldn't invite to a party but would not avoid at a party if you saw them.

2) Friend - someone who you would invite to a party but you realize the friendship is circumstancial and temporary.

3) Good friend - someone who you look forward to hanging out with but wouldn't trust with your darkest secrets.

4) Great friend - someone who has proven themselves through time by their actions and interactions.

5) Special friend - one of the first people you want to call to tell about the good news. Trusted and special because you share great times and a similar outlook.

6) Dear friend - akin to family. Someone you would trust with your life.

I tend to form 1's and 6's. I have had a 5 turn into a 0, so you don't always know for sure. I am not social enough to get 2's and 3's and my 4's are typically high school and college friends. A 6 is worth its weight in gold and if you have more than 1 you are very lucky! I have 2!

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