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Jane Lake and September 11th!

It is difficult for me to walk the thin line of respecting those killed and affected by the tragedy on 9/11, and villifying the exploitive results 5 years later.

How many people even mention those killed on the airplanes, and those killed at The Pentagon? And even more horribly those killed in the name of 9/11. Afghanistanis, Iraqis, Americans, etc have been killed and their families left in shambles for what is mostly about the destruction of two big buildings. Had the towers not collapsed, I believe the resulting reaction and follow through would have been quite different. Politics, the film industry, books, and real estate developers, have all monopolized on the tragedy and made profit or personal gain.

For the families, yes, I can fully understand the day being etched in their souls, but for the rest of us, I unfortunately believe the sensationalized aspects of the event are what is remembered, and putting it on a pedestal only goes further in supporting more killing. Probably not since Pearl Harbor Day has a single day taken on such power, but I believe it is only when we can start to move on and away from it can we truly prosper.

I'm kind of torn on this issue. Lots of lives have been lost in addition to those on that day in the last 5 years.

Blogmad hit!

And tell me what you're raising 5 billion for. this is my first visit.


That is my point. Many more lives have been lost in the name of glorifying 9/11 than were actually lost on 9/11.

William k.

I am raising the $5b to help end the worlds most pressing needs through education and direct contribution. I would greatly appreciate your donation.

I don't think glorifing or putting on a pedestal are the right words. I think remembering that day is a better word & I also think remembering what happened that day is important. Also remembering ALL the people that were killed that day & since then is important...and before that day.
Remembering Veterans on Veterans Day is another important one.
There have always been profiteers making their money during every human tragedy. It stinks, but it's a fact of life.
If you want to complain...what about the terrorists...complain about them. The idiots that believe they will get a harem in heaven for killing children. Complain about our President who used the terrorists to invade the wrong country...because it's good for business, and the War Mongers he has surrounded himself with. Not because it was good for the country!!!

I'm not sure any death in the name of extremism is "more horrible" than any other.

Those killed on 9/11 didn't ask for their deaths to be vindicated.

Der Jane,
Your display of naivety and ignorance of history is astounding. The 9/11/01 WTC attack was simply the most successful attack out of the many made on the US during the past 20 years. DO recall the Cole, East Africa embassy and prior WTC attacks. Please for all oursakes, stick to innane gossip about your shallow life and that of your friends, it suits you much better.
Your admirer, mototom

Der Tom,

Your display of naivety and ignorance of history is astounding. The 9/11/01 WTC attack was simply the most successful attack out of the many made on the US during the past 20 years in direct response to continued aggression by US military and intelligence in the middle east. DO remember the covert operations that restored the shah to power in Iran. Do remember the US' continued support of Israel despite their continued violation of dozens of UN resolutions. DO remember US/Israeli involvement in the Six Day War. The list goes on and on. Please, for our sakes, do NOT continue to view history in a one sided manner. Please, for our sakes, do NOT continue to regurgitate the simple history you have been fed in high school and the basic 101 college courses that you were required to attend (if you even attended college).

Jane's point is that violence begets violence. Always has, always will. More people should realize this and not write a blank check in their minds for retaliation.

Please take your out-of-context remarks to a forum where your inept knowledge of complete history can be pointed out to you.
Your admirer, Hoodie

some of the lies in the 9/11 story.
1- when they found the bag and found the well of Atta asking his gang to bring their ID and their wells. He knows they will day in fire he should ask them to send their wells to safe place.
2- all of those alqaedah members are sunni wahabi and its against their belives to use quran in anything other then reading reciting and memorising not to turn it around the box cutters its so forbeding in their relegion.
3- most of alqaeda members traind by CIA and CIA with FBI know what they do very well.
4- Taliban is power came over in afghanistan and only few countries in the world called them government
those countries are USA, UK, Saudi Arabia , UAE and Pakistan now tell me what side those countries are?
I wish I am good in English so tell you more.

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