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Jane Lake and Hillary Clinton!

You may ask, "Does Jane Lake know Hillary Clinton?"

Well, I was walking down 5th Avenue the other day when one of those unfortunate things happens. My heel broke off on one of my shoes. With great aplomb, I fell forward knocking into another woman. Lo and behold it was Hillary Clinton.

She said, "Well young lady, you need to watch where you are going. Don't you know who I am?"

I replied, "Aren't you Margaret Hamilton from The Wizard of OZ? I thought you were dead!"

Hillary was not amused. She instructed the nice Secret Service men with her to put me in her car. I thought , quite naively, she was going to take me somewhere to fix my shoe.

She entered the car with me and said, "Take off your shoe!"

I thought it strange but figured why not.

She then said "EAT THE SHOE!". It was completely unreasonable (my shoes are vinyl by the way as I am a vegetarian!) and I refused.

She said "Eat the shoe, or I will stay in New York forever!"

I had no choice. I ate the shoe!

Hillary then said , "Vote for me for President".

That is when I lost it. With one arm I pinned back both secret service men, and with the other arm I grabbed Hillary by her horns and said, "Take off your shoe! She took off her shoe.

Now I said, "EAT THE SHOE!". To my surprise she did, and actually seemed to enjoy it!

You may ask, "Does Jane Lake know Hillary Clinton?"

We had dinner together!

Hmmm...well Jane, as I said before, you and I could be bar buddies, but never political bedfellows. I love Hillary!


You could be right. A few drinks may clear your head.

I {heart} Jane Lake. Finally a girl who doesn't worry whether her dinner tastes like shoe leather...

You know, you post on CL and I've read your stuff each and every time, which by the way, is usually along the same thought wave. Your comments about 9/11 are similar to what I wrote on my myspace page in a bulletin. Keep thinking, you've got a lot of stuff figured out.

Blogexplosion hit.

Why does this remind me of the old radio joke about the difference between Bea Arthur and an old shoe.

My Blog

Wow...I left myself open for that one. I will be more careful next time Ms. Lake.

This is frigging hilarious! I had a great guffaw over my mid afternoon wine. Brilliant! Margaret Hamiliton!!! That's divine!

That Margaret Hamilton line left me laughing on the floor! Love it. I wish I could make Hillary eat a shoe.

Hillary Clinton wears shoes? I thought she floated above the ground so she could avoid the common man.

President? Hillary for Godhead!!!

wow you're one freaky girl Jane Lake.

"Aren't you Margaret Hamilton from The Wizard of OZ? I thought you were dead!"


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