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Jane Lake and Real Men and Women!

Real men are not interested in watching football, playing golf, smoking cigars, reading girlie magazines, using power tools, climbing the corporate ladder, listening to Howard Stern, or shooting guns.

Real women are not interested in going shopping, accumulating shoes, spending hours putting on make-up, proving they're better than men, one night stands, getting a tan, or having their nails done.

Both real men and real women are interested in being with family, laughing with friends, helping others, cooking a good meal, playing Scrabble, and all around being a good doobie.

I estimate based on my criteria that only .22% of all men are real which is about 1 in 500. As bad as that sounds, I also estimate that only .022% of all women are real which is about 1 in 5000.

So for all you real women out there, just remember that there are 10 times as many real men available as there are real women. Just a fact.

The sad part for women is that men die an average of ten years earlier than women. So, during the last ten years of her life, the real men out there dwindle to microscopic numbers.

Celebrate singlehood, sistas!

I fail to see how these things are mutually exclusive. The first list (for men at least) is mostly made up of interests and hobbies. Your definition of "real men" is more qualities in reference to their interactions with others. If a real man had no hobbies besides being a "good doobie" as you put it, how interesting would he really be? A good man should be comfortable with power tools. Watching football is a rite of passage for a man. This doesn't mean that vegging out on the couch every night is a good quality, though. A real man follows his dreams and heart, treats his fellow man with kindness and respect, loves his family and treats them well.

Weird. Apparently every person I know is a "real" man or woman. Though I don't see what watching football has to do with anything. I'm female and I will always watch football before painting my nails. Or while.

"Do you spend time with your family? Good. Because a man that doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man." - The Godfather

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