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Jane Lake and The Moon!

Everyone learns early on that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. But where and when does the moon rise and set. For Halloween I thought I would give a little moon lesson.

I know whenever I am looking for the moon, I just look up and start spinning around figuring I would find it eventually.

So curiosity made me educate myself about this wondrous orb.

The moon orbits counterclockwise around the earth, so it is 12 degrees further to the left (if you are in NYC) every day and depending on where the sun is determines the phases of the moon. It also depends on where you are on Earth. For this lesson, you are in NYC. So here are a few interesting moon facts.

Interesting enough, the only time the moon rises at sunset and sets at sunrise is when there is a full moon. It is the highest in the sky at midnight.

A first quarter moon, for example rises at noon and sets at midnight and is highest in the sky at sunset.

Clearly, there is a misconception that the moon is a nighttime phenomenom. I know whenever I see the moon during the day, I always thought it was some sort of fluke, but you are actually just as likely to see the moon during the day as at night!

Well, that's enough learning for today.


Hi Jane. Just to let you know the sidebar is appearing on the bottom with IE.

You're hurting the brain with the education about the crazy tide maker orbiting Earth. I like it.

Entertainin' little tid-bit on the moon. Very nice. What's up with the requirement to figure it out from the NYC point of view, anyway?


I find that to be true only when you view with favorites. Just narrow the favorites column and it pops back up.


Just trying to make the point that if you are in another city, you must look up specifically when the moon rises and sets there.

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