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Jane Lake and Saving Money!

The theory of saving money is great! Sock away money in a 401k plan tax deferred. Invest in real estate, the stock market, etc and grow your way to a comfortable retirement villa in [pick your dream city].

The reality of saving money is another thing. The stock market just hit levels that it reached 5 years ago. Adjusted for inflation, you'd be down 16% if you tracked the market!

The plan also assumes you never lose your job, never dip into your savings, never have children, never live through a down stock market or real estate market, never go on vacation, never buy Christmas gifts (in NYC, doorman gifts alone can run $200 - $300), never lose money gambling, never buy gas, never take a loan, never do anything fun, and most importantly, never answer an e-mail from a Nigerian offering a lump sum of money for your bank information.

This is probably a good time to remind everyone to donate to my 5 billion dollar quest. There is no better savings than money donated to you through Paypal.

Hey, my blog is not as info filled mine is just a bunch of BS, but its fun for me!

I saw your "ad" deal on craiglist

so hello!

take care

I really enjoy your blogs. Its pretty interesting and informative as well.

Its a con just liek pensions !

Well yes saving is always a bad idea unless you have a way to control your monetary unit. As it is since 1949 when I got my very first job outside the home the value of the Dollar has severely deteriorated.. it takes about 12 of todays dollars to buy one of the silver dollars that was standard currency then..

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