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Jane Lake and Ms. Magazine!

I would like to start by saying in a nation of 300 million people, it is not difficult to get a list of 5,000 people who believe anything you want. You want a list of 5,000 people who believe the moon is made of cheese, I bet I could get it!

Having said that, Ms. Magazine is publishing a list of 1,016 women who had abortions and are "proud" of it. (There will be the complete list of over 5,000 names online)

Now everyone knows how I feel about abortion, but I do not think this is about abortion. It is about selling magazines and the exploitation of women. It is also about taking a small percentage of outliers and portraying it as mainstream thought. Tens of millions of women have had abortions. Five thousand names is a dust speck!

A survey that came out last year showed that the suicide rate among women who had an abortion was six times higher than for women who had given birth in the prior year and double that of women who had miscarriages. Why isn't MS. listing the tragic names of women that have taken their own lives as a result of having an abortion? Or the names of women that have died from complications from the procedure?

And what about the tens of millions of unnamed innocent unborn children that have suffered the most? When will they get their say?

MS. Magazine has crossed the line from my perspective. They and every company advertising in that issue should be boycotted! We should not stand for or tolerate media manipulation for their own economic gain.

Jane...while I do not see eye to eye with you on abortion (I am Pro-Choice), I do agree with you on this issue. Media is always trying to get the obscure to be accepted as the norm. I have issue with the word "proud". I do not think that anyone "proud" of such a thing. It should be a heart felt and extremely hard decision. Not one to be prideful of.

if you are so concerned that women who have had abortions become depressed/suicidal, perhaps you should be glad to know that Ms. is trying to do away with the stigma, not create even more shame around abortion. It is the shame that people like you insist women have that causes distress. I know several women who have had abortions and never looked back.

I think women who are proud of their abortions are proud that they made their own decision to do the best thing in their own lives. Nothing wrong with that.


Thanks for the support.


You make my point. You know "several" women. What about the millions that you don't know!


It is remarkable how you got Donald Trump or the City of New York, or whoever owns that building to chisel on "Boycott MS Magazine'. You are an example of the "power of one". I wouldn't read Ms Magazine now for all the tea in China! You go girl!

Did you stop to think about your "stats?"

Is it possible that women who commit suicide are more likely to be leading unhealthy lifestyles? That they are more likely to have problems with drugs or abuse? Isn't it possible that a number of women who obviously make poor decisions also have abortions?

Your claim that a correlation exists between the two is simple short-cut logic that has been manipulated to fit your cause.

That is dangerous. You are responsible for spreading half-truths and lies to achieve a political/fundamental message. Congrats! What is next, round up Jews and put them into work camps?

Dumb people shouldn't be allowed to use the internet.

Shine on you Crazy Diamond!

Let me begin by saying, it should be quite easy to find 5000 women proud of their abortions. After all, the majority (and I don't mean a close one) of women who've had past abortions do feel they made the right decision. So, find the one who regrets it, I'll find 6 who are happy with it. I'd say I know several women who are happy with it, but you've already went childish and pulled that "I don't know everyone" routine elsewhere. But then don't either.

And this is no different then the trucks riding around displaying pictures of aborted fetus tissue as if it will shock anyone into changing their mind on abortion (studies show it actually strengthens the other sides resolve). I agree it is media utilizing the issue to sell magazines, but the anti-choice side has in the past as well.

And this will be the last time (as it has been my first time as well) reading this site. Mostly because of all the articles I've read, I haven't come across anything original, enlightening, or well thought out. In fact the brightest people I've read on this site are the people commenting on it.

I'm off to buy a few Ms. Magazine's now.


I agree that statistics can be misused, and I have found many circumstances where this has been utilized by pro-abortionists, including false statistics used in the Roe v Wade case.

We do not live in a society where millions of people are meant to suffer so 6 times as many (your stats) are "happy".

I don't need statistics to tell me that having an abortion can be depressing and set off a spiralling set of events. The numbers are unimportant. We should not allow women to be manipulated and exploited for false "women's rights".

By the way d.t., I hope you are still allowed to use the internet after others saw your post.

I know a few people that have had abortions, and proud is not a word that can be used. It is the ending of a life, the elimination of choice for the aborted. It's certainly not my place to tell the personal stories of these people, and betray the trust confided in me, and so I won't. But I will say that the decisions were not easy, and left them scarred. Not from any so called stigma placed by society, or any outward force. The pain comes from within, and rightfully so. A mother's instinct is to protect her child. Even in cases where the mother's life is threatened, it can be a very hard decision to make, and to live with. Sometimes it is the right thing to do, but that is not a decision to be taken lightly. For while some call it pro-choice. It is not pro-choice to the life being ended.

Proud? No, only a sociopath would be proud of that. Secure in the knowledge that it was the right choice for the given circumstances? Possibly.

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