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Jane Lake and North Korea!

Another slippery slope situation. Allow anyone to have a nuclear bomb and inevitably, more and more want to join the club.

Nobody in their right mind wants a nuclear bomb and less than nobody would ever want to use one, but if you don't have one, boy do they look good.

There is nothing like a bulky shiny bomb that can kill hundreds of thousand of people to show off on your mantel.


I think it is time to stop threatening countries who want them, and once and for all get rid of them all. Saying nobody can have one makes it a lot easier to control. Sure some country may try to hide one in their back yard but with modern technology, I bet we can find them all and destroy them. I would feel a lot safer thinking that there may be 1 or 2 bombs floating around that we haven't found rather than waiting for the day for one crazy person to set off a world ending nuclear disaster.

The United States should stand up first and volunteer to destroy them all.

After all, what you don't have can't hurt you!

Jane we are indeed like minded. I hate that we ever invented stupid things like atomic and nuclear weapons. Although if we did away with all our nukes, then how would we have a way to enforce other countries getting rid of theirs? It's a reasonable question. We are no longer feared by the rest of the world, and for good reason. While we sometimes have a technological superiority, we can't seem to overcome even backward countries like Afganistan lately. How would we enforce North Korea or Iran to get rid of their nukes. It seems like they would win a conflict involving only traditional arms and armies. They have a huge manpower superiority, and home field advantage. And the United Nations is useless in forcing countries to adopt harmonious policies. Think about it. I don't have any answers, but I have lots of questions.

Just look at who started it all.. And then see why all the kids on the block wanna be like us... It's gonna be a few bad years ahead...

Yea watch how peaceful the world would be if the US got rid of their nukes, I wonder how many countries would line up to invade the US. You’re an idiot

I'd put it a little less harshly than the brave "annonymous" did, but I agree. Not that you're an idiot, but that if we didn't have the bomb, we'd kinda then be at the mercy of who ever did. If you think about it, the US is like a big treasure chest of power. We control the internet, a gigormous military, and the bulk of the world economy. If we let our guard down, it would only be a matter of time before someone attempted to grab the reigns from us, and if they had a nuke to hold over our heads, it wouldn't be hard for them.

However, we don't need all the nukes we have anymore. We could cut the program back by billions of dollars and still be spending billions of dollars more than all our enemies combined. There are other things that need that money. So I do support a scale back, just not a complete disarming.

Anon / Jesse:

You are completely mistaken. Under my scenario, nobody would have a bomb to threaten us with. I also don't think the threat of nuclear attack is preventing any country form invading us. Regardless, it is no way to live to think you need a bomb to keep peace. You need an olive branch, not a bomb.

You could find an objetive anwser to the debate reviewing history. In addition, having some "political formation" would help you as well. My point, idependent nations must find ways to defend their sovereign and their citizens, againts, per say, "preventive strikes". It does not matter what we think, neither what the UN (reads US foreign policy recipies) think. For those nations, having a nuclear bomb is a matter of National Security. Let me ask you, would you wait and do nothing until Uncle Sam decide to invade your country and take your energy resources in the name of "democracy"? WAKE UP!

Dear Jane, let me correct your opinion, which seems to be the result of watching biased news.

Having a nuclear bomb is a dangerous problem for the entire planet, therefore, the nuclear program that the US has must be shut down as well. Is your country and its allies the only ones allowed to develop nuclear technology? I don't think so.

You said "I think it is time to stop threatening countries who want them", and I guess you still support the invasion of Iraq, to find the unexistent weapons of mass destruction.

I seriously think that everyone of us will feel safer the day the US stops invading countries, killing innocent people and destroying communities just for the sake of oil and world domination.

Don't forget that Bin Laden was trained by the CIA when it was convenient for the US.

Wow, "Anonymous" you must have an Ivy-League education all the way...why, only true scholars know how to use words like "unexistent." I disagree with Jane's completely irrational and unrealistic view of the world that dangerously assumes that all of humanity both foreign and domestic wants peace. What a load of misguided, utopian, liberal-bleeding-heart crap she is shoveling. I definitely don't have a hard time seeing where she is coming from - probably a firm foundation in academia where she was surely indoctrinated and force-fed socialist ideals that she excitedly digested from professors who never worked a day in the real world. What I don't understand, Mr. Anonymous from 3:38 PM is how your thick-headedness incorrectly assumes that Jane is somehow endorsing the invasion of Iraq. How pathetically off-base can that connection be? Please elaborate for the rest of us and while you're at it, sack up and leave at least a name.

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