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Jane Lake and Election Day!

I was the only person at my voting location this morning. Keep in mind that I am in NYC and this was during prime morning time to vote! If any of my candidates win by 1 vote, I will be especially proud of myself.

It is truly terrible to live in this country and not vote. It is one of the few rights we have that should be exercised whenever possible (but only vote once per election!)

I'm not sure I have ever voted for a winning candidate in NY but someday it will happen. The tides are turning and the amount of money a candidate has will someday be irrelevant.

Personally, I think all candidates should be given an equal budget to campaign. Why should anyone have a monetary advantage?

I never used to vote until someone updated me on the struggle that working class men in the UK had to endure before being given the right to vote. I never knew there were male suffragettes.

I did my civic duty & voted first thing (~7AM) and the polling office was already crowded. We moved right along. It only took 1/2 hour. Well worth my time.

It's sad that people don't exercise their hard won right to vote. The US elections have a worldwide impact. There's plenty of people who would love the opportunity to express an opinion without fear, let alone make an actual difference.

The UK tends to have low turn out too. It's strange how people who have plenty of rights don't take their responsibilities as seriously.

TRUE DAT on your campaign budget sentiments.

Different in US, different in Indonesia.
People here go to voting location with excited and almost some of them will stay until ballot counting.
But it was shame that people chose the candidate without well acknowledgement about their programs.

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