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Jane Lake and Excuses!

How many excuses do you make every day to avoid doing something? Ten? Fifty? Over one hundred? I think you would be surprised to find out the tally if you actually sat down and counted. But I’m sure you have something better to do than to count your excuses. Go fix something to eat. Go and do your laundry. Lie down and rest for a few minutes.

Welcome to the world of excuses!

Most people don’t even realize they are doing it. Doing your laundry is doing something. How is that an excuse? Well, it isn’t always. It is one thing to do your laundry at 9am according to plan, but for it to pop into your head to do your laundry because someone asks you to do something for or with them is just an excuse. Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not saying planning gets you out of the excuse business. Some people are so smart that they plan their excuses far in advance.

But I digress.

Do any of these excuses sound familiar?

I have a headache. I’m tired. I’m swamped. Let me get back to you tomorrow. My dog ate it. I missed it by a minute. I thought it was Wednesday. I just can’t find the time. If I only had the energy I had ten years ago. Later. None of this makes sense. We don’t have the resources. It cost too much. Why should I? You don’t need it. I thought I checked it. I thought I had enough time. Why can’t you do it? I don’t like to exercise.

This is just a short list of what is nearly an infinite array of possible excuses that you either use, or have used at some point in your life.

What is my point? Why should you care?

Because I put it to you that only the smallest fraction of your potential is being realized. Have you ever failed in anything? Did you ever not get the job that you wanted? Did you ever come up short at the wrong time in your life?

Excuses stop people from doing. It is doing that allows people to succeed. The best that you can do with making excuses is getting by. For some people, getting by is enough, but I like to think that we are here to maximize our potential and make a difference in our work and our personal lives.

How many things have you not done in your life because of an excuse. Is it the book that you didn’t write? Is it the trip that you never took?

Excuses come in all shapes and sizes. They are used in the workplace, in your personal relationships, and with yourself. Making excuses for not exercising or for why eating that second piece of cake is okay is the tip of the iceberg in hampering your achievements.

The negative psychological effects of making excuses will follow you around and ensure that you will not live up to your potential. Guilt and denial will become your mantra faster than you can blink an eye.

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Well Done. I think in general poeple are more apt to look for an excuse before they actually own up to the fault themselves.

I think Jane will be a new favorite on my blog - and will be linking her - - this is one to visit often...

Ok. I admit it. I've been making excuses why I haven't written to Jane Lake lately.

You know it's funny because I love Jane Lake. I don't mean I actually love her, well not yet at least. I haven't actually met her yet, although we have exchanged a couple of emails.

But I do love reading Jane Lake. So why have I been making excuses? I dont' know. Maybe it's performance anxiety syndrome. Maybe I just can't get it up philosophically when my audience is the fabulous Jane Lake. Got any Viagra for the ego?

You know the expression, "the eyes are the windows into the soul?" Well, I think there are other windows into a person's soul as well, and just paying attention to what a person says, or blogs about, is another window into a person's soul. Well I'm just letting you know that your windows are open Jane Lake, and I see you standing there naked. Nice tattoo.

Have I mentioned that I have been telling all my friends about Jane Lake?

Well I have, and I have told them that they should check out your column, and then given them the web address. At least I thought I had given them the web address.

I discovered yesterday that I was incorrect about the address when I met a writer friend at a coffee shop and we were talking and I recommended that he read Jane Lake.

He had his laptop there and they have free wifi, so he typed in the web address that I gave him and imagine my surprise when the page that opens which is notated as being Jane Lake's, but it's actually a 30 something woman who is describing in detail, to anyone that reads it, exactly what she wants to do to them as soon as they go to her web cam site and help her, shall we say, endulge herself.

I quickly informed my friend that this was not "my" Jane Lake, not the writer who pens so eloquently about voting and excuses, and has me on my kness in tears with her blogs. (Maybe I should have phrased that differently?)

Well it turns out that is not the proper address for "my" Jane Lake. Her address is slightly different. Who knew there were two Jane Lakes and one was literate and one was, well we all know.

Not that I don't want to fantasize about Jane Lake someday, but I don't want to share her in that way with the whole world.

When I do fantasize about Jane Lake, it will be a private affair, with just me and she.

One excuse is enough for me. Cute post!

So how are you coming on your quest to make $5 Billion? I loved that tagline below the Donate button, maybe I need to raise my expectations ...

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