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Jane Lake and Scrabble!

Certainly one of the top 5 games ever invented is Scrabble. I am a social Scrabble player and do not aspire to competition levels. I do however make an effort to keep up with the authorized Scrabble two letter words.

With the release of the fourth edition of the Scrabble Dictionary, there are now five new two letter words (total of 101) that will dramatically affect game play.

They are FE, KI, OI, QI, and ZA. Previously there were no two letter words with Q or Z and F was just FA and K was just KA. FE, KI, QI, and ZA all take S's. OI does not.

I am most excited about ZA (short for pizza)!I love pizza and I love getting the letter Z!

QI (the vital force in Chinese thought, same as KI) will also have a major impact as many people get stuck with the letter Q at the end of the game. Now there is a much higher chance of using it.

So anyone that wants to play me, please memorize the 101 two letter words first. I don't want an unfair advantage!

Never knew scrabble had 2 letter tiles and I play it alot.


Just for clarity's sake, they are not 2 letter tiles. They are 2 letter words that can be spelled with the tiles.


wierd I just posted about scrabble,
but the anti- scrabble post of sorts.

Does it bother you that JANE and ZA are both worth 11 points? In other words, you're worth no more than a pizza. Maybe less if they put on an extra topping.

I thought i was pretty good at scrabble and relatively up on the words but while on internet scrabble club not so long ago i had the nerve to challenge QI and promptly lost. I was mad. I was doing very well in that game but blew it with that challenge. I thought ISC was just making stuff up so I am glad to know it is a real scrabble word.

I love Scrabble, but the two letter words always kill me.

As a mom, I love Scrabble too. It's the perfect tool to get your children into the language arts.

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