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Jane Lake and Thanksgiving!

Here we are approaching the beloved holiday of turkey farmers and cranberry boggers alike.

I must say it is difficult for a vegetarian to fully appreciate the immense slaughter of innocent fowl in order to give thanks for what we have. Sure there is Tofurkey (which is decent, not great) and enough veggie side dishes to plump up the slightest of us. Sure it is great to get together with family and friends. Sure it is a day off of work.

But between the traffic, preparation, eating too much, and did I mention traffic, I'm not sure it is all worth it.

It is also somewhat ironic that we commemurate the suffering of the pilgrims (anyone that has been to Plymouth Plantation can attest that it is not the French Riviera), and the taking of land from Native Americans by gorging ourselves until we need to lie down.

I think what we need to do is modernize Thanksgiving. Be thankful for peace, family, friends etc. Make macaroni and cheese the main dish as its place as the best comfort food is long coming. Give people a choice of 4 optional days to celebrate it to enable a lessening of traffic on any 1 day. Everyone should get a massage on Thanksgiving so that they are fully relaxed and energized. NO TV!

Anyone with me?

I'm sorry to disagree with you on your own blog, but I do disagree with nearly all the changes you're suggesting. To many busy people in today's world, the ritual coming-together is something many of us highly prize. I'm lucky--my family is "only" spread out over 3 states. Many folks have bigger time and space obstacles to overcome to be able to "make it home for the holidays".

The particular food is secondary, at least it is to me. While I'm not vegetarian, I can always get behind a good huge batch of homemade macaroni and cheese.

I'm with you on the massage part but don't you dare try to take away my turkey! And if nothing else it serves as a good excuse for men to sit around and watch football and drink beer while our mothers / wives / sisters slave away in the kitchen. Hey, I can't help it if I'm lucky!

Have a God Blessed Week.
Its Click and Comment Monday

Jane Lake you know that your my hero, but I'm with the majority on this one. I love turkey. I love it the day it's first served and I love it for leftovers for the next 3 meals or so. Now, I'm down with you on the history of Thanksgiving being spoiled by the taking of one man's land for the benefit of another. I guess that was pre eminent domain. Also, even though I hardly ever watch football, there is something about sitting back in a nice easy chair after stuffing yourself and bonding with others over big sweat men in tights beating each other up, over a stuffed pigskin. That actually didn't sound that great did it? Well happy Tofurkey to you Jane. You stick to your guns girl.

Oh, I almost forgot about the massage. I want to talk to the powers that be about making the massage thing an intregal part of the Thanksgiving tradition. Is there a head pilgrim that makes those decisions. Or better yet, can I come over to your house for Thanksgiving and get my message. I'll bring my sweet potatoe cassarole and even some tofu for someone to cook, although I don't know how. Just asking.

I'm for every change you suggested...EXCEPT for the "no TV" thing: I cannot do at all without my football (and you sexist ass "kashif's spot", I am female and likely know a hell of a lot more about the sport than you do).

Happy holidays, Jane!

Hi Jane,

I love Thanksgiving and try to make it a day for all to just be happy...together. It certainly is not fun for those who have to brave all the traffic....
Macaroni and cheese sounds great! With lots of broccoli! It's not possible for me personally to control the TV....I love the idea of massages....

Being open to new ways of doing things and making them part of family traditions makes life Grandmother used to prepare giblet gravy and I used to love it..(quite revolting to me at this point in my life)...she also baked her own pies which I have continued to do (ok, so not all of them, but 1 or 2....)

I think each family needs to find what works for can effect change but it is a slow process....

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.


I'm all for more time with the family and more macaroni and cheese. But don't take my turkey, dressing, or football away!

The whole Thanksgiving deal has gotten out of hand... just like Christmas. You may want to read about the first Thanksgivings, which were held way before anyone hit Plymouth Rock. Its on

Mac and Cheese could be a nice side dish, Massage should be a basic human right, Didn't you here aboul NFL Thursday Night Games come on....Turkey, yum, Footballl, Yahoo...Friends,Family and Food Awesome...Have a Happy Thanksgiving Celebrate Your Way.

Enjoy the mac and cheese, I'm having turkey. Yuuuummmmmmm!

One interesting thing I have noticed being a vegetarian is meat eaters love to point out how much they love their meat. It's funny how turkey isn't popular at all outside of Thanksgiving. You would think that says something, but everything I eat tastes like cardboard so who am I to say?

Just kidding!

I'm with you. Macaroni and cheese sounds great! I've been a vegetarian most of my life and I've never understood the whole "fatten up the turkey then kill it" mentality.

Massage. YES.
TV - don't hate it but might be a good idea to turn it off once in a while.

Howdy Jane,
I object to your use of the word "innocent" in regard to fowl. Not that I think they are "guilty" -- quite the contrary, in fact. What I DO think is that fowl (or swine, or bovine, or canine) can neither be innocent nor guilty. Any proper fowl behavior is simply it fulfilling its nature, and improper behavior cannot ever be traced to the "fault" of the animal. Thus, as it cannot be "guilty", neither can it be "innocent".

Thus, I eat meat. Just not people -- regardless of their guilt or innocence.

I doubt I'll be this way again, so if yuo want to respond, you can find me at el.peregrino.ruso [stopspam] @ [nospam]

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