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Jane Lake and Competition!

Please vote for me in the 2006 Weblog Awards for Best New Blog. You can vote once a day!:


I was never the best in popularity contests. The only office I have ever held was Vice President of my High School math club, and interestingly enough, I was out sick the day of the voting!

As the 2006 Weblog Awards progress, and I am scrambling to keep out of last place, I realize that getting votes in a small competition like this is a tiny taste of what it must be like to run a presidential campaign. When you are an unknown going into a race, it is at best a shot in the dark. But it does happen.

Now if I could just smear all of my competition on the front page of the NY Post!

Just kidding!

There is certainly some super quality and good looking blogs up against me. I will say in my defense that I have a certain style that sets me apart from the typical blogs that you see including my competition. If I could just convince a couple of thousand people out there to vote for me.

Hey, Howard Stern, could you plug me on your radio show? That should be good for a few hundred thousand votes. Hmmm...not a bad idea!

You would think that with us all being blogs that were just starting out that we wouldn't be getting this many votes. I was shocked that some of the people are at 700. This competition is too tough for me :-( so I feel your pain.

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