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Jane Lake and Cold Weather!

It was 8 degrees when I left for work this morning. -4 degrees with the wind chill factor.

These five things went through my head.

1) Thank God for long underwear! They should make long underwear fashionable so that you can wear them on the outside. Then once you get inside you can take them off. Another billion dollar idea that someone else will actually do!

2) Why do some people wear a thin coat with a scarf and thing they will be warm? And then if you ask them if they are cold, they say "No, I love this. I'm from Minnesota." Then their ear falls off!

3) How many people will actually get their tongue stuck to a pole today?

4) How hard will I be laughing at the smokers who stand outside their office building 10 times a day frantically trying to light their cigarettes, taking 3 long puffs and then running back inside barely avoiding frost bite?

5) As brutal as it can be, there are only about a half dozen cold days like this all winter. It is part of the variety that makes the Northeast interesting. It does wear thin though.

yikes! ill just stay south of the mason dixon.

Humans are designed for a tropical environment.
Scientific fact

If you can't stay outsice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year-NAKED- then that environment is too cold for human habitation.
My opinion

Cold, I don't like it but it makes us stronger....but I can't wait till springtime!

I'm one of those stupid smokers. Winter should motivate me to quit!

Huh?! It is really that cold.
I could not last longer than a minute with that coldness.
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