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Jane Lake and Personal Responsibility!

The other day I crossed the street, not at an intersection, but in the middle. I walked between two parked trucks to get out into the street and peeked out to see if any cars were coming. Just as I stuck my head out, a bicyclist swerved to avoid taking my head off. As luck would have it, I am still here to tell the story, and the bicyclist was okay as well as there were no cars coming.

On Friday, a local 13 year old boy was hit and killed by a Long Island Railroad train as he was going home for dinner from spraying graffiti on the train signal box. He was running across the third of four tracks to beat out a train coming on the third track. What he did not know was there was a train coming on the fourth track as it was blocked by the train he could see.

Both of us did something not quite right, and certainly not smart. For me it is a subtle wake up call, that we are responsible for our own well being and our choices affect not only ourselves, but also our families, our friends, and strangers alike.

Taking unnecessary chances, because of impatience, the thrill, or just plain stupidity is something we all do at one time or another when we are driving cars, crossing streets, or just trying to get somewhere.

Someone out there is telling me to think smart and slow down. I think that is sound advice.

Whoa! That could have been bad! And that poor dumb kid! I jaywalk myself and I know I shouldn't do it. What really kills me is when I see parents jaywalking with their kids! What kind of lesson are you teaching your kids when you do that? I think I'll retire my jaywalking ways when I have kids---don't want to be a bad influence.

truth. sad for that kid.

I have jaywalked a time or two, but the time that made me stop was when I was with my family in Tuscaloosa on a football game day and a car zooming into a left turn lane almost got me. I was lucky that day.

Lucky day, indeed. Slow down. Look both ways. Don't try to beat a train. Don't jaywalk. Don't talk with your mouth full. All good advice.

How strange. We had two grafitti artists killed by a train here in ole Blighty just this weekend.
God must not like grafitti artists I guess!!

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