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Jane Lake and Anna!

Let's face it. This is the most important event that has occurred in the last 50 years! Every major website had it blasted across its breaking news. Every talk show was centered on it. Front page in every newspaper!


Can you imagine the folks scrambling right now for the rights to her life story for a book, a movie, or even a broadway show (made into a reality tv show to pick who will play Anna)? Could Pamela Anderson pull it off?

Can you imagine the lawyers trying to figure out what happens to the child, the money, the future royalties?

This is ambulance chasing at its best!

Anna was at best on the fringe of the entertainment industry but as big a celebrity as it gets. Marilyn Monroe reincarnated. This was the perfect example of how marketing and perception rules.

Love her or find her despicable. It doesn't matter. She will continue in death what she was in life - a creation of the media, an exploitation of women, and a sad reminder of what we have all become.

I entered this in the Philosophy Blog War. Pleases vote for my entry here:


Well said!

The fact that Anna's death topped major news outlets is a sad reminder of what Americans consider news! Anna is one symbol of what is wrong with this country....

I'm not impressed by your snark about the untimely death of a flawed but lovable person. While the story is indeed sad on many levels, calling Smith "a creation of the media" and "an exploitation of women" is dime-store social criticism. Women and consumers of the media have free will and are thus never the victims of publicity campaigns or editorial decisions. To say otherwise is to help rationalize censorship, because then it follows logically that ordinary citizens must be protected from some forms of speech.


What was lovable about her? She was portrayed as a joke from day one and never did anything to prove otherwise.

I never said that she was not a partner in this crime. She instigated the media to create her and consciously portrayed women in a bad light.

She used them and they used her. Both should be ashamed.

The Anna Nicole Smith story is more about money than it is about celebrity. If it wasn't for the bilion dollars her very old and very rich ex-husband had when he married her we would never be talking about Smith now. And it is the fight over that money that we will continue to hear about her. The fame is secondary.

Let's both enter our ANS posts in the new Blog War battle and see who gets more votes.

No problem, Brian. I will have to crush you like a bug, though!

I think Anna is kind of a hero, someone who grew up in an family where abuse was the norm, where poverty was absolute and who made up her mind at a very young age that she wasn't going to put up with that kinda stuff, she was going to become rich and famous, leaving the poverty and abuse behind forever.

In the end it killed her as a result of the recklessness of her lifestyle, but even a short life being free to live it on your own terms is better than being stuck in the dregs and never getting any freedom at all.

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I think it's incredibly sad that our society has reached a point where a drug addled, gold-digging, former stripper is held in such high regard.

It's sad that she threw her life away, but even sadder to place her on a pedestal and worship her.
Our society has become overly obsessed with superficial beauty.

Jane... you stop blogging... please start up again soon.

I like your blog very much
keep it up!

Billy Mac from Critique My Blog stopping by to say hi...glad to see all is well Jane.


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