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Jane Lake and President's Day!

As we approach Presidents' Day (correct to put the apostrophe after Presidents and not President's as most people think!), I think it is interesting to note that, even though it sounds like we are celebrating alll of the Presidents, everyone knows that we are celebrating the birthdays of George Washington, and we throw Lincoln in because his birthday is also in February although it was never a Federal holiday.

And although Alabama celebrates it as Washington and Jefferson Day, I think it is a sad commentary that not a single President since Lincoln has been deemed worthy to be added to the list, or singled out for anything in particular.

I really hope the next President will be the one we look back on and say, "This is someone we must always remember." Unfortunately, it is more likeley we will be saying, "To impeach, or not to impeach. That is the question!"

You can't turn the clocks back and return to an age of innocence, with true leaders and heroes. But you can improve things by not voting for political machines with personal agendas.

to me...this means the post office is closed.


Just wanted to Thank U for turning me onto Agloco*

Are U not Blogging anymore??


Cheers Jane! Billy ;))


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