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Jane Lake and North Korea

Here we go again! Why do other countries like to taunt us and the rest of the world with their usually empty threats? It is like they are a baby brother that wants to see how far they can push their older siblings before they get punched.

If history tells us anything, then this will turn into economic sanctions,inspections, UN rhetoric, and Presidential huffing and puffing.

What we need to do is find a new approach. How do we avoid going down the same garden path that we did with Iraq? How do we avoid ever talking about war or contemplating military action?

President Carter succeeded in getting the hostages released in Iran. I say send him to North Korea and start talking turkey. Maybe we should offer helping them economically if they cease and desist rather than threaten them.

I am no brainiac, but I can see when a bad pattern is developing!

Surprisingly :) you make some excellent points.

While the baby brother enjoys teasing his elder siblings, the big brother, however, utterly loves to be the bully, a hardheaded teenage yob, who instead of talking the matter through, and in doing so trying to pave the way for further agreements, he will very probably opt to bomb the place down…

Thanks for the comment. Great blog!

North Korea. It's almost as if Bush tempted Iran and N. Korea to threaten us when he mentioned them back in that State of the Union speech some years ago.


I agree with you on this. I found it funny how we went into Iraq because we thought they had WMDs, yet we wont go into NK becuase we are afraid they have them. Somethign fishy. HAHA

Ps. however, like all bullies, when there is someone bigger, well they run…

Ps2 very peculiar image… I am very much attracted to it!

You Yanks are the big dogs, and the one in charge will always get a fight.

Appeasement rewards the aggressor and only makes him increase his demands. We must not negotiate with terrorists.

The Iraq solution would not work with North Korea, the scale of conflict would be far greater. Just war requires proportionality, that was the case in Iraq, but would not be in Korea.

screw the analogies, weve helped them financially, only to watch them use the monies in building their military and starving their own people, our mistake was to let it go this long to get to where it is today. like a festering sore the longer you let it go the worse it becomes.

you fucking idiot jimmy carter didn't get the hostages released in Iran

OMG Carter freed them? Try Ragen.

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