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Jane Lake and Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson portrays brutal violence in almost all of his films.(Mad Max, Braveheart, Passion of Christ, etc.) Whether or not he couches it as historical truth, religious calling, or artistic filmmaking doesn't change this. I don't know Mel and I don't know his motives, but his anti-semitic comments, his alcoholism, and his proclivity towards violent films don't paint the prettiest picture.

There is good and evil in this world and it is easier than most people think to recognize the difference. If Mel can not recognize the difference then he has failed as a filmmaker, a Christian, and a role model.

If he wants to redeem himself now, he would need to reinvent himself completely. It has been done before (Dr. Bernard Nathanson)and can be done again!

Jane, for God's sake, (or god's, or gods', I suppose), he an ACTOR.. who CARES? he's as irrelevant as is Hillary or Ted.

Your arrogance on this subject is absolutely abhorable.
Recreating a historical event is not a personal inclination toward violence, and a person who would think such a thing has serious underlying issues.
I suppose that would take us to the children and violence on television debate, which would be the only thing I see which would represent a clear argument on why violence should not be televised.
Some Psychologists have promulgated findings toward agressive children being attracted toward violence, whereas others have found through naturalistic studies findings which seem to be the opposite.
That all depends on your outlook, and personal violence.
To attack someone's religion for protraying the death of Christ is lunacy. Personally, I am gnostic, but know, if you are Christian, you would understand what Jesus' suffering means to the entirety of the religion, and it is important that the pain and anguish of his death is transcribed accurately in any medium.
There is no happy death on a cross, and if you believe distorting historical fact to create your own bubble world of bliss, you are insane.
Reality is sometimes painful.
Reality is sometimes scary.
Reality incites human emotions, which cannot be denied.
For you to think humans should deny their own emotions in correlation to the fact, you deny history.
Arrogance is blind, and you, Jane, hold the fold.


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