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Jane Lake and Ping Pong!

Apparently, a British study has showed that if a woman's ring finger is longer than her index finger, she will have more athletic prowess than her stubby ring finger pals.

Excitedly, my ring finger is longer than my index finger. I just wish I knew this earlier in life as my tennis career needed to begin 10 years ago. I thought I was just like everyone else with average sports ability. Who knew I was the next Wilma Rudolph!

Now I need to decide which sport I will excel in. At 24, I am too old to begin most sports. Wait... TABLE TENNIS! What sport could be better for an elongated ring finger person like myself! I must go out and buy a table and paddles immediately.

Jane Lake and Ping Pong! That's a wondrous melodic song.

This is funny...hey, I was ranked as a tennis player in ring finger IS longer....But what about the whole long fingers/long ___ thing with men???True or false?

Oh crap, yes I have a ring finger longer than my index but I am in no way athletic.

I lack coordination, endurance, and discipline (well lack of discipline is not just sports related).

This is an exciting day for exciting as a birthday! You've found out you have a wonderful gift ...a long ring finger, linked to athletic talent! There may be other gifts and talents also. Be on the lookout and Go for it, girl!

Margy M

That explains why I was never going to be any good at all at sport !

Jane, I am an excellent table tennis player and willing to provide lessons, however, please provide proof of ring finger length exceeding index finger length as I do not wish to waste my time with simply an "average" ring finger gal.

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