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Jane Lake and Psychic Powers!

It is interesting to me how people so readily accept that there are some people with psychic abilities when nobody has ever proven that they have them.

The obvious proof would be the ability to pick the winning lottery numbers (if you can do this, please contact me immediately for a consultation!), or predict anything with reproducable results.

Now I will admit that at times I feel like I have the inside track on things, but statistically speaking it could all be coincidence. So what I would like to do here is make a few predictions to see what happens.

I would also ask any of you psychics out there to post some predictions as well (near term please, I'm not interested in anything more than 3 months out).

Who knows, maybe I will discover the first real one. Maybe it's me!

Prediction 1 - Mets win World Series in 6 games
Prediction 2 - Hurricane Leslie will be at least Category 4 and hit Florida (sorry!)
Prediction 3 - Mel Gibson will be arrested again

Mets in six.. ok.. Would you go so far to say Mets and Yankees, world series? Love the blog!

i predict the loss of all psychic abilites.

Its not all that hard to predict the future. Meterologists and Insurance Companies do it all the time.

Who could have predicted the Cards beat the Tigers in 5?!!! Cardinal nation....LOVE IT!!!

There is a lot of fluff and a lot of misunderstandings about the supposed "psychic powers" some people profess to have.

The only psychics who are truly accurate have given up themselves to the Higher Source. And these are seldom recognized in studies or in the media, because they don't care about that. They will not tell you winning lottery tickets because it's not about self-aggrandizement. They will, however, give you information relevant to your own progress toward inner well-being/spiritual growth.

A little perspective from the inside. Thanks.

This blog post on psychics from Jane Lake is the typical response of people who are afraid of anything that is different or doesn’t fit within what is assumed to be within normal parameters for that person.

In various countries there are Psychical Institutes and Associations that scientifically study psychic abilities, many of them have found proof of psychic abilities by scientifically studying and researching individuals who say they have these abilities.

The type of attitude that is shown here on this blog post by Jane Lake shows the same ignorance of all the dictators throughout the world’s history, who through lack of knowledge wanted to genocide people for their belief’s, culture etc.

If you don’t believe that this correct, look through your history books or type into a search engine ‘Adolph Hitler’, ‘the witch trials of the 1700’s’, ‘genocide throughout history’. There is your proof of what true ignorance and fear of anything that for even one person does not fit within what one individual sees as normal, or what the fear of something different can lead too.

Don’t be ignorant there is no excuse for lack of knowledge with the internet and search engines available on the net. The internet is as a source to thousands of pieces of information; you can literally search for information on anything.

So why not read up on psychic abilities and the scientific proof of them so you can back up your argument of why you think it isn’t possible with facts instead of ignorant opinions with nothing to back up these opinions.

With psychic abilities no-one should be asking you to believe or have blind faith in them without someway of testing someone who says they have these abilities.

There are enough religions that ask you to have blind faith in Idol’s and Icon’s without proof that these Idols or Icon’s ever existed.

If you want to be able to disbelieve but back up your argument on why psychic abilities aren’t real, wouldn’t you rather have an intelligent well researched argument than showing that you have a lack of knowledge on the subject by randomly throwing out every bigoted thought or idea that you have.

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