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Jane Lake and Heroes!

Heroes is the latest hit on NBC. I have mixed views on this show. Unfortunately it appeals to children and this is definitely not a show that anyone under 13 should ever see. Attempted rape, dead bodies with missing brains, heroin addicts, a nuclear explosion in New York, internet porn and of course politicians all make this an R rated show by any standard.

But I have to admit the science fiction plot of the show and the laughable naivete of the character Hiro make it decent entertainment. I just wish Hollywood would realize that all of the above mentioned negatives only detract from the show, not enhance it.

I will stick with it for Season 1 just to find out how they save the world, but if they don't clean up their act, they will definitely lose me, and probably many others after that.

"Attempted rape, dead bodies with missing brains, heroin addicts, a nuclear explosion in New York,..."

Isn't that the whole point of having the "heroes"? They're supposed to be saving the world from such things. What do you want, a show where they all sit around and talk about their powers?


Why am I not surprised you would have this perspective?

I would love a show where they all sit around and talk about their powers, and where they save embryonic stem cells and unborn children from research and abortion, wouldn't you?

I too have mixed feelings about the show. The Vegas chick turns out to be not very nice, still trying to figure out the "good" of her "powers".
Also agree it seems to be targeted for much younger children than the content would allow. I don't see it making it to season two.

Too violent for the target audience, I don't see it lasting. I like the story line for Hiro and the cheerleader, but not too thrilled with any of the other stuff.

I had told my 8 year old boys about the show and we planned to watch the first episode together, but after I found myself trying to explain internet porn, I decided it wasn't the "gather the family round the tv" type show I was really hoping it was. I still watch it, but, I agree, It would be better toned down a bit.

I also like the show, with reservations. It could be a really good sci-fi show if they cleaned it up a bit. Hopefully the writers read Jane Lake's blog. Doesn't everyone? Stephen/Geminidreamno2

I intend to give this show a looksee soon. But by the way you describe their world, they need them.

At first I thought it was an excellent show, but I wasn't going to watch it because of my dislike of one-hour serial dramas. But I've seen several more episodes and I agree that it's not for the pre-teen crowd. And the more I see, the less I like the show in general. I don't care about the intense content. I just think the concept is way to inadequate to have a continuing series week after week after week.

It's rated TV-14, with appropriate warnings about violence, sex, and drugs, so maybe you should stay away.

interesting ... everyone i know who watches it is in their 20s and 30s (and 40s) ... and i don't know anyone encouraging their youngsters to watch it.

and gee, could you be more snarky to brad? i think he had a legitimate comment. as for a show about saving embryonic stem cells ... what do you want them saved from research and for what? i think saving them for research would be a swell idea instead of throwing them out with the trash.

saving unborn children from research and abortion ... hmmm. how about let's save the living kids from abusive parents first ... when we can do that, let's take a second look at abortion.


Heroes is the 4th highest rated show among teenagers. I can't find the stats for preteens but I'm sure it is up there.

Yes, I could be more snarky to Brad but I hold myself back.

With over a million abortions a year in this country we need to look at that issue first!

What about parents that throw their babies in the trash? Should we do "research" on them, as well?

hello Jane

I have never watched this show so I have nothing to offer on it, but I have looked though your posts and find them very interesting...I am here b/c you are Dr Johns link of the day, but I find this blog very enjoyable and will be back to read more! Have a beautiful Sunday.

I'm not much of a TV watcher. You have just validated my apathy. I am into things that create, not things that destroy. that is one of the reasons I am such a big fan of Dr. John's. He tries to create happiness and good will wherever he goes.

I never watch Heroes,it just did not appeal to me from the get go. Interesting site...& views. Dr John sent me...& I'm glad he made you his link for today.

Blessed be...

I haven't watch the show either. Doesn't sound like something I'd enjoy. There aren't many good shows on TV. I enjoy visiting all the blogs Dr. John sends us to. He made a good choice sending us to you.

I have not seen this show, so I can't give it a yes or no. I read some of your other posts and i am looking out my window as i write to a full moon.
Came from Dr john's

dr. John sent me here..i have yet to watch the show..must there is certainly quite a buzz around it..

Over where I am, we don't see those but definitely I wouldn't agree more on those. They are shows to be watched by adults only.
Hello, just passing by from Dr. John.

I haven't watched it and this is the first I've heard of it. Guess I'll stick with my Thursday night Survivor and CSI stuff. =O)

But speaking of Heroes, have you ever met a man called Dr. John? Now he won't ever admit to being a hero or anything, he's quite a shy kind of guy. But he is one of mine.

Thank you Dr. John and all of your visitors. You seem like a very nice bunch!

Shouldn't teens be in bed by 9 PM anyways? I know I was when I was a kid, it was a rule.

Brad has the exact point, how can you have heroes if they have nothing to save us from??

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