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Jane Lake and Snow!

This morning brought big flakes of snow,
As Manhattan woke from slumber,
They melted quickly don't you know,
And soon had lost their number.

And that's the best the city brings,
For if the snow should stick,
Black and yellow and brownish things
Will begin to make you sick.

Snow is meant for rolling hills,
Where sleds and kids can play,
For kids on streets will give you chills,
throwing snowballs that are grey.

So a mild winter is what I see,
with the occasional pretty flake,
And keep the dreaded doggy pee,
Away from Miss Jane Lake

Very cute poem. I agree. I hate the snow in the city when the dirt and oil from the cars get mixed in as it is being plowed. I also hate the salt they put down. Leaves a white film over everything. Yuck!

It's funny that I ran across your blog this morning. I just wrote a snow poem on my blog today. LOL

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