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Jane Lake and Change!

Change is an inevitable part of life. Going to a new school, a new job, a new house, having a child, all change what global vision you had of the world prior to the change. Change can be stressful, exciting, enlightening and many times unexpected.

But even small changes can have an effect.

I was ordering 3 eggs and mushrooms on whole wheat toast every day for breakfast before work. One day I decided to cut back to 1 egg and mushroom on whole wheat toast, and voila I began to feel more energetic, lost weight, and realized the old sandwhich was overkill. Yes, I was a little hungrier than before but it was a good hungry.

Of course change isn't always good. Getting sick, being in an accident, someone close dying, also can change your perspective and outlook on the future. Negative change, I believe, is the greatest opportunity to learn and grow. Many people let these opportunities pass without taking advantage of the "step back" environment it can provide.

Dealing with change is one of the most difficult challenges we are faced with in life. Many people are comfortable with their lives and routines and avoid change like the plague. I have learned, however, that it is change and the results of change that inevitably allow us to mature and grow and understand the world around us in a more complete way.

We are better off to embrace change and even encourage it as status quo is probably the biggest cause of depression and boredom we know.

Hi I saw your post on craigslist and hopped over here and started reading. This entry today really touched me. I like to think of myself as a highly adaptive person and all others who are not as adaptive as nitwits and drain stoppers on the whirlpool of darwinism. I obviously have been too smug though, because one of these "negative changes" has recently hit me. In fact I posted early on CL (

Anyway, your post inspired me to view this has an opportunity, and to go reread the poem AUTOBIOGRAPHY IN FIVE CHAPTERS
Portia Nelson. Google it! I bet you'll like it.


Love your name and loved the poem.


"Negative change" = indeed can be a good thing.

I lost a friend a year and a half ago to suicide; not just a "friend" but more like the type of friend that is such a great love that they somehow complete you, you know? Anyway, after going through an extremely suicidal period of my own following the devastation of losing him, I got off of my ass and found a new job in a new state (it just weighed on me so much being in the same situation, as he had been instrumental in finding the job I then held), have started a close friendship with his family (hadn't even spoken to or met them before), and am doing much better. I can sincerely say that the tragedy was a definiting moment for me in terms of positive aspects. It may sound twisted, but I think you understand.

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