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Jane Lake and The Fat Ban!

New York is trying to ban artificial trans fatty acids! Pro fatty acid groups are outraged and beginning the protests. When you start messing with people's french fries and doughnuts, they start to pay attention.

I'm sure Julia Child would be appalled if she were still alive (although she preferred the natural fatty stuff!)

Personally, I would be happy to never see an artificial trans fatty acid again. It would probably save lives, help reduce obesity, and start a trend towards healthier cooking.

But is it the government that should lead this battle? If you have read my slippery slope post, you will know I am leery to start a precedent that has a good intention when it may lead to opening Pandora's box. What's next? Ban processed sugar, white rice, all processed foods!

A better approach would be for NYC to provide incentives for achieving certain health standards. Let's keep eating healthy a positive personal goal and not an enforced government requirement.

You're right about the slippery slope. I don't think government should be involved with the (possible) exception of educating people to the benefits or problems associated with certain foods.

On the other hand, I don't think it's a bad idea to ban food known to be harmful in "captive audience" situations, like public schools, say.

You'd think that maybe this sort of thing was going on in health concious California, but New York? There is just way too many people for this thing to pass. There should be a state like North Dakota or New Hampshire where there aren't enough people to complain. I'm sure that Texas would be happy to be a control state, happily slurrping down fatty acids, trans and other wise, with extra mayo.

These trans fatty acids should enlist the support of bi fatty acids and gay fatty acids and campaign outside the Mayor's office. Them trans fatties have rights too, ya know.

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