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Jane Lake and Personal Trainers!

If I had more money, I would definitely have a personal trainer. I had one for about two years and it was one of the best experiences I have had. No matter what you may think, having someone push you to your limits makes you stronger, more motivated, and happier. After the price rose to $75/hr, I started cutting back, and then you start thinking that you can do the same thing by yourself but I learned quickly that I can't.

I never looked forward to going, but I was always happy I did after it was over. I was on a tofu hot pot kick back then and have many fond memories of working out, having a tofu hot pot, and feeling the protein surge into my muscles.

Someday I will bite the bullet and do it again, but that pesky money thing is a real downer!

Jane, after two years of that regimen, you must have had a PERFECT body. I mean, even Hollywood stars only do that for a couple of months at a time.

You inspired me to start THINKING about getting in shape. Thanks a lot -rolls eyes-

Yup, would rock indeed to have a personal trainer. I've never had one, but have heard (as you say) that it's great.

Excellent comment you left on my blog, by the way, thanks a bunch.

Hi Jane,

I realize that hiring a personal trainer can be very costly, but perhaps I can encourage you to to contact me or anyone that is interested in learning to take hold of your fitness goals and not be dependent on anyone else. I am an experienced personal trainer and I have found ways to do this. Please contact me at:



Id be so hot if I had a personal trainer and a personal cook.

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